Saturday, January 1, 2011

What to wear?

Here it is in all its glory.. the survival suit!

It's pretty bulky, but it's supposed to be really warm. I looked online and the average temperatures in Cape Dorset last year during March and April hovered around -5 to -25, but there is also the wind chill factor to consider...

My only trouble is deciding how to pack this- right now it's looking like I can either take my clothes for the month or this outfit.

But it's such an attractive look...

In all seriousness, I need to be warm, so I'm going to try and pack this. I'll definitely take the gloves and the boots, they are really practical- they both have removable inner linings that can be separated and kept inside so they'll be warm. The snowsuit is meant to be able to protect me for at least three minutes even if I fall into the water.

Hm. and they won't lose me in the snow. 


  1. You look adorable...and very bright!

  2. LOVE this!! :) ...I'm still on the hunt for a good quality parka.

  3. Thanks guys... I'm not proud, but I'll be warm!

  4. I demand you wear this to the grad banquet ;)