Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book Club

I was so interested in the feast last night that I forgot to mention the rest of my Saturday, which was busy as usual! Like any school, Sam Pudlat Elementary has lots of school activities. Saturday mornings Frances and David run a book club. This week they were starting a new book (Holes by Louis Sachar) and David had decided to start a cribbage club at the same time, so I was invited to tag along. The children had to sign up ahead and it was limited to the grade five and six classes, since we only had a few copies of the book to share. We ended up having six readers and two cribbage players, which was a really nice number (and a great group of kids!).

Frances introduced the book and then we shared reading it for about an hour and talked about the story, the author and the setting, which was quite different for these kids... not many of them can easily picture a desert! We talked about the kinds of animals that live in the desert and what the climate is like. I think they really liked it so far.
After reading we had lunch- some carrot and celery sticks to start with and then pizza and Frances's home made cookies (yum!).

I asked the members of the book club if they would be interested in making some books themselves with the project Jane Baskwill has me working on ("Publish It") and they were very enthusiastic... I think we're going to try and meet after school on Wednesday to start them and then again next Saturday after their lunch. They had lots of great ideas and one girl said she wanted to start taking some pictures for it with her camera. I'm really looking forward to seeing how things go on Wednesday.

It was a wonderful beginning for this edition of the book club... everything was fun and relaxed. The only little hitch was that when we arrived there were some dogs outside and we worried that the children might get bitten while they were outside waiting for the book club to start, so we opened the doors a little early. 
I guess everything up here has a little northern touch to it!


  1. Jennifer - I have been reading almost daily and I am so pleased that you have kept a blog. Thank you so much!

  2. Hey... no problem!

    I'm glad you're enjoying it. This has been like my own private little diary while I'm here... things are happening so fast and I don't want to forget them myself!