Sunday, March 20, 2011


We got up really early this morning and headed to the airport. After a bit of a mess up with shuttles, we all ended up with plenty of time to spare for checking in (harp included). Our little corner of the airport was tiny, and we knew we were on our way to another world when all of the announcements were made in three languages (French, English and Inuktitut). Once on the plane I met a wonderful French teacher who is also on her way to Iqualuit for a teaching position. We spent a lot of time talking on the plane... it turns out we have a lot in common! Her daughter works for Air Canada, so she may come and visit me in Cape Dorset while I’m there... which would be really fun.

After a very short while all you could see out of the window was snow- Miles and miles and miles of snow. As we drew nearer and nearer to Iqualuit, I have to admit, it started to dawn on me how very far away from everything I’m going to be.

We arrived in Iqaluit, donned our winter gear and headed out into the cold. Thank goodness it is sunny today! Tracy and I got our luggage, said goodbye to Mandy and Sarah, who are heading on to Pond Inlet today, found a taxi, and got to our hotel. 

We are now sitting comfortably in our hotel room, drinking a brown rice green tea (thanks to Rachael!) checking a few e-mails and writing on our blogs before we head out for a walk around town. It is gorgeous and sunny here, but minus 29. We hope to visit the parliament buildings and maybe a few stores, then head to a restaurant for supper. I think we're going to take it easy tonight, our heads are spinning from the whole strangeness of it all.

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