Sunday, March 20, 2011

The journey so far... Ottawa

This is Mandy, Sarah and me in the Ottawa airport waiting for our luggage. Tracy was calling home...

We arrived at the Halifax airport WAY early, but I wanted to have enough time to check my harp in. I was so afraid that even after all my telephone calls and internet searches, they were going to find some reason why I couldn’t bring it! Despite my fears, everything worked out fine for the check-in and we had lots of time to spare. I said goodbye to Sean and headed through security. 

The flight was easy and miraculously, my harp arrived in one piece with only a few scuff marks on the case! We took the airport shuttle to our hotel (thanks to Nick, everything worked out perfectly... our rooms were right next to the restaurant, and the hotel was only five minutes from the airport!). We grabbed a late lunch and found a bus for downtown and spent a wonderful afternoon walking around parliament hill guided by my sister, Kate (thanks for being an awesome tour guide, Kate!). We said hello to the “ladies”, visited the locks, walked through the market,  making sure to stop a look at the “Obama Cookies” (where Obama stopped his limo to buy cookies), checked out the famous Château Laurier Hotel and eventually ended up at a fabulous Italian restaurant for a late supper.
We managed to hit the parliament hill walk just at sunset, and it was gorgeous!

I think we’re all feeling a little bit like we’re in limbo... we’re neither here nor there yet. But we’re all bracing ourselves for the flight to Iqaluit.

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