Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday is a busy time for teachers!

Emma invited me to come down to the High School in the morning for the table tennis club. I walked down and when I arrived at around eleven, there were about thirty kids doing Judo in the gym. I watched for a while, but I didn't want to interupt, so I decided to go exploring...

It wasn't long before I found the principal and his wife working in the kitchen preparing a lunch. The principal offered to take me on a tour, and I was impressed once again by the technology! Every class had a smart board and their computer room had about thirty brand new macs. The school has a wonderful kitchen/lunch room, a gorgeous library where they have quite a few artifacts from traditional ways. They are hoping to turn it into a community museum, which would be awesome.

The school has become a focal point for the kids on weekends and there were quite a few teachers and Raymond, one of the RCMP officers there to help with the day's activities.

After Judo there was table tennis and then at one we served a lunch of chicken burgers, poutine and ice cream for desert. These kids sure can eat!

After lunch, I helped clean up and then Emma got us a drive up to the elementary school in the RCMP pickup truck. I got to ride in the back with all the kids and made some new friends. As we left the high school some girls on an ATV threw a mitten at one of the girls in the back of the pickup with me. She caught it and we took off, so the chase was on... They followed us all the way to the elementary school trying to catch up and get their mitten back!

The elementary school was packed since they were having a penny sale and cake walk to raise money for a new fitness initiative they are starting at the school. 

I have never seen so many skidoos out front... it was definitely the place to be on a Saturday afternoon.

It is really great that all of the teachers have become so involved in the community- Everyone was busy with one activity or another and the kids are learning that school is a place where fun things happen. I'm sure it can be exhausting at times- there is always so much going on, and it all needs to be organized by the teachers, but I was really glad to be a part of it!


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