Sunday, March 27, 2011

More gorgeous scenery

I don't know why people didn't rave about how gorgeous Cape Dorset is. It has been one incredible day after another and thankfully Frances shares my love of hiking, so we've been able to explore together.

As if my Saturday hadn't been busy enough already with all the activities at the schools, Frances and I decided to go out for another walk after the penny sale. 

We managed to walk for quite a while- it was so sunny and even though there was a wind, we managed to keep warm. The mountains are so beautiful and we ended up quite high up with a great view of the island.

We walked up through the town and then back again on the skidoo trail, so there was lots to see. We passed the little Anglican church and the graveyard. I would like to go to church one Sunday even though it is apparently all in Inuktitut. I think it would be really interesting.

As we finished up our walk we came across some more kids sledding. It looked like a lot of fun. I'm hoping I'll get a chance to try that too one of these days.

Our Saturday finished up with a wonderful home cooked meal at Cecile and Betty's (the high school principal and his wife)... we talked and laughed until quite late, then I tumbled into bed. I can't believe how much I'm packing into each day- I thought I had to bring lots of things to occupy my time, but it seems like I'm busier here than I am at home! I am going to make supper tonight, but this afternoon we are hoping to either go out for another walk or maybe even a skidoo ride- the time is just flying by.  


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I've really enjoyed reading about your experiences and seeing the lovely photos you've been taking. Keep up the great work! Must say I'm a bit jealous that you are in the print-making Mecca of the North - amid the frenetic social schedule you've been keeping you'll have to go to the print co-op and see Kavavaow Mannomee.

    All the best with the rest of your term,


  2. Jif, are the crosses in the second-to-last picture a graveyard? (meme here)

  3. Hey Nate,

    Thanks... I'll be sure to go for a visit when I get a chance! It _is_ really fsacinating here.

    And Meme, yes. The crosses are a graveyard. Once again, I felt a little disrespectful taking pictures too close, but it was really interesting, They have to create "Cairns" out of rocks.

    The whole place is just a little bit strange for me. It's like being in a different country, only I'm still in Canada.

  4. Thanks for the response, Jif . . . it's a bit morbid but I saw the picture and started wondering how they dealt with the permafrost. I guess the rocks hold everything down. Life there seems so simple and so complicated at the same time.