Wednesday, March 23, 2011

photos at last...

Well here's my school! It was a beautiful day today... only -15 with hardly any wind. As I got to school there was a gorgeous "sun dog" in the sky. This is a phenomenon  little bit like a rainbow, which is also called a "mock sun" or a "phantom sun" (the scientific name for it is parhelion from the Greek for "beside the sun"). I tried to take a picture, but it just didn't come out like I wanted it to.

At school today we had our regular classes to begin with, but then we were lucky enough to have one of the local elders (Hopi) teach some songs to go with our drum dancing. She was wonderful with the kids- she spoke only in Inuktitut, so they had to help me when it was my turn to try playing the drum. Luckily Nebeya took a turn and I got a couple of photos of her wild drum dance (she was a little too animated to catch, so the photos were all a little blurry!).

I am still amazed at how much of their education is in Inuktitut. It is awesome to hear it spoken everywhere and see the children's writing on the walls of the school. Today as we played with playdough I molded different animals and the children taught me the inuktitut words for them. They also helped me to make a name label for my desk using the Inuktitut alphabet. I am learning way more from them than they are learning from me!

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  1. Jennifer, what an absolutely awesome experience you're having! :)