Friday, March 25, 2011

Life at school

Every day starts with a breakfast served in the classroom. The kids are awesome at setting up the food and cleaning up afterwards. This morning was special because it was "Fun Friday" and we had fresh cooked sausages along with our regular cereal.

Classes were held as usual in the morning, but after lunch we had a fun fair where the whole community was invited in and the kids had sack races, "Pin the Nose on the Polar Bear" games, "Cupcake walks", musical chairs... you name it.

It was great to see the whole school having fun and to meet some of the families of my students.

Just when I start to think about all the ways things are different up here in the north, I find something that reaffirms the fact that kids are just kids wherever you go...

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  1. Jennifer, as I read your narrative about life in school there were so many connections I was able to make to life in the rural schools in Nova Scotia in/with which I work. That, along with the sense of community that permeates everything,is hard to measure on a stadardized test and not always valued by "come from aways" at first blush. Yet it is this sense of community that is the glue that binds people together. It is something that is hard to find in larger centres, is at the core of relationship and should be valued, supported and treasured. Thank you for this wonderful blog.