Friday, March 18, 2011

Is it really tomorrow?

So the day has come. I can hardly believe that I am leaving tomorrow.

I had a wonderful day at school today and said goodbye to all my friends... it will be strange not to see them, we have all become so close over the last few months.

I came home and Sean is making me an incredible send-off supper... we started with escargots and we're heading towards prosciutto wrapped salmon and asparagus on the Barbeque. Rhiannon bought a lovely bottle of wine to celebrate. I'm going to enjoy a nice quiet evening (the calm before the storm).

I think the whole reality of it all is slowly sinking in. I am eager to meet the North, but it will be hard to leave my family and friends behind.

I wanted to post this picture. I made this ice candle on our deck in December and I love this picture of it... it makes me think of home. I may try and make some ice candles while I'm in Cape Dorset, and I'll keep them burning for all the people back home (to let you know I'm thinking of you!).

I am excited and nervous, unprepared and ready all at once. I will try and blog often to let you know what it's like, but I'll be willing to bet that I won't be able to describe it.

So- here we go... off into the unknown. Wish me well!


  1. Well is way less than what we wish you. Were thinking about you as you passed overhead . . .


  2. I love the picture of the ice candle! And yeah, what they said - wishing way better than well. Wishing wonderful. (in all senses of the word.)

    It was awesome to see you on your way north, too! Can't wait to hear what happens.