Wednesday, March 23, 2011


After I got home from school, Frances and I decided that it was too beautiful of a day to sit around inside. Cape Dorset is called "Kinngait" in Inuktitut, which means "mountain" and we decided we would try and climb to the top of the mountain that is beside the village. It looks small in pictures, but it is quite imposing in person!
We got half way up and I started to get a real feel for the "lay of the land" as they say. It seems like you're on the top of the world every time you step out the door here (and maybe we sort of are!)... There is so much sky and sun and snow.

Once we got to the top and turned around to see where the village was, I was amazed to see how far we'd come. Luckily it was still fairly warm and the trip down was a lot easier than the trip up!
Once again, I tried to capture the incredible beauty of the area, but it's impossible to give you the feeling of all that incredible expanse of snow.

We kept ourselves warm with all the hard work of walking in the snow, but our hair and eyelashes were frosted over by the time we reached home. As we neared the house Frances told me that David knew how to make a great expresso/hot chocolate drink and we decided we'd try and convince him to treat us to one before starting to make supper.

Yum. What a nice way to celebrate our walk!


  1. Top of the world - in so many ways.

  2. Cape Dorset is awesome and I am so pleased you like Jennifer. I sometimes miss Starbucks but other than that, Cape Dorset's people make up for so many things we thought were essential and important. You will fall in love with the children of Sam Pudlat School.