Sunday, March 27, 2011

A (warm!) relaxing Sunday.

Everyone was out this afternoon and who can blame us? It was only -2 with absolutely no wind. I think I might have gotten a sunburn!
I ran across Sheojuk (in the middle of the picture), who is in my class. She introduced me to her friend and her sister and we spent the next hour or so walking around town. They introduced me to all the puppies and dogs (SO cute!) and took me sliding down a very short hill.

We had to stick to walking around town today because there are a couple of polar bears in the area. Apparently the RCMP had to chase them out of town at about four in the morning last night. (YIKES!) I keep saying that I'd love to see one, and Hopi (the elder who is helping me with sewing a parka) just shakes her head and says, "no, you don't."

It was really interesting to walk down by the water and see all the boats. There are even a couple of boats out on the ice- it looks as if they just leave them there to freeze over the winter. After supper I just had to go back out for an evening walk on my own again. It was really nice to explore the streets- so far most of our walking has been on the land.

I feel a bit like I'm invading people's privacy when I take pictures, but it is all so fascinating. I managed to take a few candid shots of a couple of ladies out for a walk in their amoutis with their children on sleds and a little boy playing with a tonka truck (tonka trucks are obviously a hit all over).

 As I headed back to the house I could hear the sound of a grinder and managed to catch one of the carvers creating a huge cloud of dust by his house. It seems as if there are a lot of carvers around, but the ones you see out and about selling their carvings in the street are not the really serious ones. I didn't want to interupt this guy, but I wish I could have gotten a little closer... I'll bet he was creating something amazing. 

I have been invited by a painter named "Tim" to go over to the coop tomorrow after school and see some of the artists at work. I hope I can get there before they finish for the day!

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